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MyGreenFuture is an independent think- and- do website launched in order to provide More straightforward Environmental News, Environmental Jobs, Events and Green Products.


What are we doing for you?

  • Making you easier and quicker the access to a wide range of Environmental News, Jobs and Events.
  • Critically assessing environmental laws, news and publications, which can be downloaded to be read at anytime.
  • Creation of Enviropedia: a green dictionary developed in order to make an easier understanding of Environmental concepts.
  • Building an updated database of Environmental Professional networking and give you free access to a detailed list of courses offered in Europe and America.

Why MyGreenFuture?

According to our historical records, current events are giving evidences that our planet is changing drastically, either by natural events or anthropogenic activities, it is happening!

As a mum and environmental professional, I am aware of the importance for understanding what may happen in coming years if we continue with this consumerist lifestyle. There are several temporary solutions that humanity is designing in order to fix what we are damaging. Some are the new technologies to produce oxygen from artificial trees to reduce carbon emissions or plants to clean the water and even machinery to reuse our used materials. It makes me love everyday more environmental technologies and it makes me research and share about new solutions to try to understand them in order to promote some ideas about what can be done from our daily lives.

There are also some simple actions that we could take in order to benefit ourselves, such as:

– Drive less and walk more

– Buy products with the minimum packaging required

– Turn lights off when they are not in use

– Avoid leaving the fridge door open or putting hot things inside

– Pay bills online and stop paper bank statements

– Use rechargeable batteries

– Use rechargeable batteries

– Read news and books online…

In MGF we think that environmental education is one of the most important aspects to combat environmental challenges for our future generations.

“By understanding our past and taking actions today, we will meet the needs of future generations”

So, can we make 2016 our Green Present?


By Karla Sifontes/