Karla-sifontesWhen I decided to study Environmental Engineering I didn’t know how challenging it was to actually put into practice and truly make a significant change in the world by applying the knowledge acquired in this amazing career. I graduated in 2010, and before my graduation I was working for a Local Government in a beautiful country with a complicated governmental system called Venezuela.

At the Environmental Office I worked for over a year and it was one of the most rewarding opportunities I’ve ever had because I actually went to the field and work directly with the communities. I fully developed construction projects for the Local government from a sustainability viewpoint to produce social benefits. Interfaced with external organisations and provided reports for local government approval.

I started as Engineering Assistant and after my graduation I was promoted to Environmental Engineer, during that time I got some experience:

  • Managed a team of 20 people for environmental campaigns
  • Co-ordinated meetings with 35 organisations to facilitate inter-departmental communication and clear organisational objectives.
  • Carried out site surveys for road and housing projects. Discussed environmental challenges with national government.
  • Represented office at monthly Regional Development Cabinet meetings and proposed project to resolve problems caused by solid waste disposal.
  • Gained a 20% increase in number of trees planted and sourced extra volunteers needed for on-going campaigns.

Then, I decided to progress in my personal and professional life by coming to London. I completed a MSc in Environmental Sciences: Management and Legislation, awarded with Distinction, and had the opportunity to develop a project for Hillingdon Council in order to change behaviours to reduce carbon emissions from transport. Also, during this time I had a great opportunity by working in a research project funded by British Council in order to explain impacts of global climate change in agriculture in which I gained data analysis experience.

I volunteered with an organisation called Shoreditch Citizen in London coordinating events plus large assemblies in order to organise the community for improving their health and environment. Also, I help them to maximise potential of websites and databases. I’ve been working with Blue Cross in order to raise money for protecting animals in the UK.

During the last 5 years, I’ve been working in marketing and therefore started my passion for blogging. I spearheaded IT projects at Informabiz, regularly updated clients and management, advised on enhancements, set up blogs and actualised websites; employed SEO for page 1 listing.

My Goal in life is to leave to my daughter and other children a better world where they can breath clean air and drink clean water…


I believe marketing tools can be used for better causes than selling products and services. Maybe, I haven’t done a significant contribution to change the world yet, but the fact is that if one person gets my message through at least one of my articles this Blog will be worth it.


With love,




Welcome to My Green Future!

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