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The beauty of nature reflected in art it’s just another reminder to protect it. From the start of human history, nature has played a very important role in our creative expression. The lands, mountains, rivers and fauna we depend on for daily survival configured how...


The beauty of nature reflected in art it’s just another reminder to protect it.

From the start of human history, nature has played a very important role in our creative expression. The lands, mountains, rivers and fauna we depend on for daily survival configured how we picture and understand the world around us. And in return, the art we base in nature’s influence becomes part of our personal and cultural identity.

Nature’s beauty and power is implanted in our lives, our history and our culture. By protecting nature, we are feeding society artistic energy and assuring that our children will continue to find motivation in the natural world around us.

In conclusion, we cannot imagine walking through a museum and not seeing canvas with trees and rivers as main topic, no sunset or birds, no relaxing landscapes… It’s impossible, and will be an artistic disaster because nature is everywhere in art, in our lives.

Because of all this, I would like to interview a couple with a wonderful artistic project.

I´ve met this great team last year in Sydney, their names: Peter Sedlacik and Zuzu Galova, two creative directors that show us their life experience and vacations through a fun project called Lens Between Us.

The adventure consists of snapshots of the couple’s travels that they capture while facing each other. The pictures will take us around the world as the duo photograph each other from different views. But there is a common point in every picture “THE NATURE”, none of these beautiful photos could be made without those landscapes.

Through the eyes of Sedlacik and Galova, the viewer can explore museums, beaches, gardens, shops, and other tourist attractions in countries like Singapore, Portugal, Germany, and Australia.

Zuzu Galova and Peter Sedlacik or “Lens Between Us” are one of the most influencers couples in instagram, with more than 6500 followers.

During this interview we will ask Zuzu and Peter what nature means to them, and how can they protect environment as artist.


  1. How did you start the project? When? What is/ was the intention of “Lens Between Us?

We started almost two years ago, when we were on our holiday in Portugal. We were trying to create some project and we came with Lens Between Us. And right in Portugal we tested and tried it and here we are.

And Lens Between Us is a photo blog or project, wherever we are, we face each other, frame up a great composition, and take a picture of each other… taking a picture of each other. The resulting diptychs are creative, well-composed, and whimsical in the best way. A tribute to how their focus is always on each other, the images are part travel photography, part portraiture, and challenging to boot since each shot requires that they figure out not one, but two compositions.


  1. Your favourite spot so far…

We can say that we like every single spot, we have been to. But one of them that we really love is Bruny Island in Tasmania. That nature, it is something fantastic, we really recommend this place.


  1. What nature/environment means to you as an artist? As a person?

As an artist its great inspiration. As it is part of our project, we like to explore and look for interesting spots. So it always brings something new.

As a person, we consider nature as a place where you can charge your batteries, or completely switch off. Just to go for a walk to the beach make us feel at least little bit better even when you have got shitty day…


  1. How do you think you could raise environmental awareness?

Lot of people probably don’t care about that. If people would see the real coincidence that their behavior leads to, maybe they would think twice. And also people don’t think about the future. They have different interests, like money which can easily transform them into bad people.


  1. As a photographers I´m sure you have been taking picture in very touristic places? Do you think people are respectful with nature in those areas? How could we change that?

Guess it depends where you are. Some cultures are really respectful and we should learn from them but sometimes we are surprise how someone can be so disrespectful. If you have some things in your culture, you have to start from very beginning. And also people should think more of their actions that even one person can make the difference.


  1. We are a new generation “Millenians”, and we care about the environment, but How do you behave at home? Recycling, reusing…

We recycle the trash and trying to buy organic products, we really like organic cosmetics that we know the brand didn’t tested their products on the animals. We cook a lot at home, buying a lot of veggies on markets, trying to support locals, always carrying cotton shopping bags…there is a lot. We are trying our best to have the less impact on nature, step by step we are daily improving.


  1. Would you like to have a project to preserve the environment?

Of course, we would like to. We have both worked in advertising agency, so we could think of creating some campaign for example, how to protect the nature,…


Thank you “Lens Between Us”!!! Now it´s time to enjoy your pictures.


Tasmania, Bruny Island Neck Game Reserve, 9 November, 2014. “There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”


Tasmania, Wineglass Bay, Freycinet national park, 6 November, 2014. “Come with me to touch the sky.”


Australia, Scarborough Beach, 5 October, 2014. “Ocean air, salty hair”

See more pictures at Lens Between UsFacebook and Instagram pages.

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